Audiovisual Requirements List: What It Is and Why You Need It

When you first start out on the speaking circuit, the world of audiovisual requirements can seem a bit overwhelming. You’ve got your ticket booked, your presentation is finalized, and you’ve practiced your face off in the mirror for hours on end. Now, wouldn’t it be a shame to show up and find out that no one can hear your quips past the third row? Or...

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Checklist: 8 Things You Need to Bring to a Speaking Gig

When you’re making your way to a speaking engagement, there are a number of obvious must-haves—your computer, charger, travel documents, etc. Over time, however, I’ve come up with a short list of not-so-obvious must-haves for speakers to ensure the event is seamless: A Tech-friendly Backpack I officially gave up the good fight with my messenger bag after giving a friend’s backpack a try. I was...

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