About WIS

WeddingIndustrySpeakers.com was born of the need for a home for the thought leaders and industry experts we have come to represent at OFD Consulting. Fifteen years ago, we introduced OFD to the world to connect wedding professionals with engaged couples. Five years into our work, we discovered a significant and unaddressed need for B2B publicity services. This included the demand for quality wedding industry professionals to speak at regional association meetings, national workshops and international conferences. Historically, the barrier to entry for speakers was low, resulting in mixed reviews and disappointed audiences. As we pivoted to respond to the need, we also undertook the rigorous process of vetting our clients for consistently positive feedback, engaging content, and unerring professionalism on any and every stage.

In the years since, the wedding industry education space has grown exponentially. A hub where conference organizers and association program and education chairs can go with confidence to review and select speakers for their events has become a necessity. This is why we created WeddingIndustrySpeakers.com, not only to promote our clients, but to save decision-makers a great deal of time and effort as they build out their upcoming speaker seasons.

You will find that we have taken the guesswork and risk out of choosing your next featured speaker and hope that you will find this site a powerful and convenient resource. All that is left is to contact us today to request your next speaker.