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An interior designer by trade, Katie first got her start working for multi-million-dollar corporation DuPont. It was there that she honed her branding and sales tactics, while fully immersing herself in the method of selling the intangible.

She began her career in the events industry in 2006, combining her background in interior design with her love of florals and establishing Scottsdale-based Kate Ryan Design. She set out with one goal: to create joy for her clients — and she did just that.

Katie quickly grew her small business and, before long, was approached by a company in 2011 seeking help with their sales and marketing strategy. Thanks to her guidance, the business doubled their revenue to over half a million dollars in their second year of business, and this move caught the attention of the Society of American Florists, who honored later her as ‘Marketer of the Year’ in 2012.

This accolade launched her consultancy and, since then, Katie has worked with small businesses throughout North America on their sales prospecting, growth strategy and client experience. Ultimately, her goal is to help others grow by defining the value they bring to the marketplace, so that they can close more sales with their ideal clients.

As a sales strategist and business development coach, Easley applies her 18 years of business experience, including work with multiple multi-million dollar clients, to work one-on-one and help dreamers and bold, creative entrepreneurs realize and exceed their goals.

In addition to her coaching business, Katie participates in many other opportunities to share her insight to help other event professionals grow their business. She is a regular fixture on television and an acclaimed industry speaker that is known for sharing her frank perspectives on event sales and often-hilariously candid experiences from her career. She’s not one to shy away from sharing past mistakes, as she would prefer others to learn from her and avoid going down the wrong path.

As the immediate past president of WIPA Phoenix, Katie is committed to her local network and spreading knowledge that can form a better future for herself and her peers. “Community over competition” isn’t just a saying on her wall — it’s an idea that she lives by each and every day as she champions for small businesses across the country and helps them to elevate their sales goals and build their dream company.

A mentor to many and an inspiration to all, Katie is truly the definition of a “coach” and I look forward to watching her educational endeavors continue to grow and positively impact the industry at large.

Speaking Topics

  • Business Strategy: Brand, Sales, Growth
  • Pitch Perfect Sales Scripts in 5 Step
  • Harnessing the Power of Social Proof in the Event/Wedding Industry
  • Be an Asset, Not an Ass: A Frank Look at Creating a Sustainable Event Company
  • Pitch Perfect Sales Scripts in 5 Steps
  • Insta-Fame Makes you Rich and Other Wedding Industry Urban Legends

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