Henry Chen

Wedding Chat Marketing

With over 500 weddings under his belt, Henry Chen has become one of the most-rated and highly sought-after photographers in the SoCal region. Specializing in multicultural, interfaith, and ethnic celebrations, Henry has had the privilege of connecting and working with couples from all walks of life.

Over 13 years in the industry, Henry grew his business through a holistic marketing approach that harnessed various channels to attract and engage his ideal clients — from social media to advertising to word-of-mouth marketing. Yet, in the past year, Henry observed a notable shift within the market and the way people consume media and associate with brands.

Out of this realization, Henry launched his chat marketing education platform, Wedding Chat Marketing, and his turnkey chat marketing agency, Creative Chat Marketing, in an effort to help wedding professionals, venues, and creative entrepreneurs successfully use chat marketing to generate leads and earn more while saving time.

Henry is also a YouTuber, backpacker/hiker, and—most importantly—a devoted husband and father.

Speaking Topics

  • Chatbots and Messenger Marketing: The Recipe for Success You Didn’t Know You Needed*
  • Time-Saving Marketing Strategies That Handle Your Heavy Lifting*
  • Hands-off Business Automation is Possible, and Here’s How*
  • Not Just a Club: Building a Community on Clubhouse*

*Available for virtual presentations

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Getting to Know You

What topics do you enjoy speaking on the most?

I love speaking about anything related to marketing your business, especially in regards to online/digital marketing for small business owners – wedding pros, venue/special events owners, educators, and creatives in general.

Specifically, I enjoy sharing my expertise on utilizing mobile messaging, i.e. chat marketing, as a way to connect, converse, and collaborate with your potential clients and customers. Additionally, I find it very rewarding to speak on topics about productivity, automation with personalization, and saving time without sacrificing the quality of work. Many industry pros often struggle with being able to improve their existing marketing strategies, so I like sharing what I’ve learned and relaying my own experiences to help others. 

What topic would you love to tackle next?

In addition to the above, I would love to tackle the following:

  • Mobile, chat, messenger, and digital marketing
  • Connecting with your audience and potential clients
  • The future of marketing and the transition over to chat through the use of apps such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and SMS/text
  • Converting more of your audience into potential clients/raving fans using chat marketing 

How would you describe your speaking style?

I would describe my speaking style as story-based with meaning and context to the topic that’s overall a little more slow-paced versus a rushed, to-the-point presentation. I prefer to genuinely connect with the audience, and I want them to resonate with my talk.

Typically, I use a lot of stats, examples, and demos to demonstrate my point, which I would describe as more of a visual education – meaning more photos rather than an abundance of text.

Presenting conflict with an ending resolution is also something that I find helps attendees to better understand the topic, especially for those that may be beginners to something such as chat marketing. However, I would confidently say that attendees of all skill levels and backgrounds can relate to the content (and hopefully learn something they didn’t know before!).

What has been your favorite speaking engagement to date?

Showit United Apart in 2020 has definitely been my favorite thus far!


When heading to a wedding industry conference, I never leave home without my…

Aside from my iPhone – which probably doesn’t count – I never leave home without my Melin Vision Black Classic hat! It might be a bit too casual for some, but it’s my go-to attire accessory.

Where would you love to speak next?

I would love to branch out and pursue opportunities with WIPA, Reset Conference, WPPI, NACE, Showit United (again!), Wedding MBA, and ManyChat Conversations – among so many others.

Any speaking engagement that appeals to small business owners with an online presence that connects with their audience, clients, and customers via online technology is something I’m going to be very interested in.

The niche also doesn’t have to be strictly within the wedding or special events realm. Because the usage of chat marketing is quite large, I’d be happy to speak about this with other niches, too.